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S & R Moving Tips and Tricks

S & R Moving has experience with all types of moving in Saskatchewan, including residential moving and commercial moving. Nervous about moving to a new house or apartment? We can put your mind at ease! Preparing your belongings for a move is simple with a few moving tips and tricks. See below for all of our best moving advice!

Tip 1   

Communicate with your movers and moving company to ensure everyone is on the same page. If you have special requirements for more fragile belongings and other expectations for your boxes, you should let them know all of the details before they arrive for your scheduled move. When the movers are aware of your individual needs, the entire process will go a lot more smoothly. Trust us.

Tip 2   

Go through your belongings and donate or throw out what you don’t need. Purging any extra items will lighten your load and make you feel refreshed. Your new space won’t be as cluttered and you’ll have more room to enjoy it.

Tip 3   

Label all of your boxes and other belongings. We also advise you to take inventory to keep track of and ensure all your things are transported to the new destination. This will make each stage of the move more organized and alleviate some of the stress as you know what each labelled box contains.

Tip 4   

Use your luggage to pack your things, too! It saves on boxes, and if you pack your everyday necessities, luggage keeps everything safely in one place. You will experience easier access as you get settled into your new residence and you don’t have to dig through sealed boxes to find what you’re looking for.

Tip 5   

If you have any pets, we recommend you find a sitter for them on the day of your move. Dogs, cats, and other pets might be traumatized by all of the bustling activity. Having them stay with friends or relatives during the busy transition will help them feel safer by the time you are ready to introduce them to the new home.

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